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About Us

IFP was established in Ft Wayne, Indiana in 1976. Since our inception, we have expanded beyond our Ft. Wayne headquarters to South Bend and Indianapolis. We have sales engineers who cover the entire state of Indiana as well as the counties that border our state. All of our sales engineers are technical specialists and our in-house engineering department is available to further support our customers.

IFP Automation focuses on engineered control solutions while our Indiana Fluid Power group designs and sells hydraulic & pneumatic systems and components. IFP also offers many value added services, custom system design and assembly, and control systems engineering; we are not simply a parts provider.

IFP is a focused solutions provider offering customers:

    A full product range of automation motion control products.
    Superior Customer Service.
    Component and system build capabilities.
    Extensive industry knowledge. In 2011 we celebrated our 35th year in business.
    A full range of value-added services
    Capability of providing system integration and system design.
    Installation assistance.
    On-site installation and commissioning.
    On-site seminars & training.
    Total turnkey solutions advice.

Most of our employees have been with IFP for many years and are familiar with our culture of exceptional customer service. We empower our employees to achieve excellence for our customers by providing them the needed training and support to get you the answers you need, quickly and correctly. They are trained to apply our products properly in each application and to work side by side with our customers to determine your needs and provide you with individual solutions to your problems.

Our goal at IFP is to provide you with the solutions you need utilizing the highest quality equipment available, providing exceptional technical expertise and meeting rigorous time requirements. Our staff will provide you with unique, quality support services designed to fill voids, reduce costs and help you become more efficient. In short, we will provide you with the most cost effective parts and systems possible, without compromising the quality and service you demand.

Please give us a call or stop by to see the products we offer and see how we can help make your job easier. We look forward to the opportunity to become your preferred automation solutions partner.

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IFP Automation
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