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Industrial Automation Products

IFP's solutions are cost effective, efficient, and easy to work with. By offering automation solutions that leverage the use of a single programming tool, customer integration problems are virtually non-existent. One software package for the entire machine plus fewer components equate to a cost effective control solution with increased system performance.

IFP designs and sells industrial control system solutions through it's partnership with B&R Automation. IFP has access to B&R offices in over 60 countries (including over 35 offices here in the United States), consisting of highly trained employees providing expert support ranging from project conception to implementation of the application. Customers can be assured of quality project support around the clock. Logistics are kept short thanks to an expanding global network. This allows our customers to access our entire product range while being able to reduce their storage capacity and costs at the same time. B&R Product Engineering, Research and Development, and Manufacturing sites are housed on one campus in Austria, while North American headquarters are located in Atlanta, GA. Local support is provided by IFP in the state of Indiana out of our Fort Wayne and Indianapolis offices.

Below you will find a summary of some of the products and technologies that we work with. For convenience, you will find B&R's entire 2014 catalog linked here in PDF format:

Product Catalog 2014 - Vol 1 - Control, Visualization and Drive Technology (21 MB PDF)

Product Catalog 2014 - Vol 2 - Motors and Gearboxes (22 MB PDF)

You can also download the IFP Industrial Automation line card for your smart device (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc) through the QR code above in our header. For instructions, click the QR code in the header above.


Control Systems

Scalable systems from space-saving, cost-effective machine controllers to large systems with distributed intelligence. A wide range of I/O components and screw-in modules always provide the right connections.





Motion Control

Speed and precision to meet the highest demands with built-in technology functions for flexible operation. Safety functions and "Plug & Play" in the power transmission system allow for solutions that will set you in motion.





Visualization and Operation

From two-line displays to high-resolution graphics with touch screens. The right HMI for every application.





I/O Systems

Switching cabinets are becoming obsolete – flexible and configurable remote I/O systems reduce wiring, increase stability and can be adapted to any environment.





Industrial PCs

Fully scalable industrial PC solutions for high-performance applications. Computing power, displays, operational elements, operating systems and interfaces can be optimized for the individual requirements.





Safety Technology

Safety shut-offs do not always have to involve a full machine shutdown. Smart, safe reactions to various situations provide safety without always stopping the production process. Intelligent, decentralized and integrated safety technology that is simple to operate and that reaches extremely high reaction times opens up an entirely new range of machine safety concepts.


Network and Fieldbus

Fieldbus and IT networks are standards in automation today. IFP's systems support the most common fieldbus systems and networks.





Variable Frequency Drives

Intelligence combined with efficiency - Increased performance for industrial machines - Improved competitiveness and protection for your systems with reduced energy consumption and lower service costs






Integrated software development environment that contains tools for all phases of a project. The controller, drive, communication and visualization can all be configured in one environment. That reduces both integration time and maintenance costs.





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