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IFP assists our customers from concept development to design and through final installation and testing of your automation control system. Let us evaluate upgrading the technology utilized in your application, whether you’re just in the design phase or already in production. We have the experience and expertise to solve everything from the most simple to the most challenging project requirements.

Services we offer:
    Application programming
    Engineering support
    Integrated solutions combining electronic control and fluid power technology
    System design
    Seminars and training
    Panel building
    In field testing and system commissioning



Application programming
The programming required for machine controllers is continuing to become more extensive. Machine manufacturing companies seldom have the resources needed to program and maintain software. Economics and the need to focus on the main area of expertise often make it impossible to establish these resources. Our application experts and service partners can help. Together with the customer, specifications are made, the ideal system architecture is developed, the software is programmed and the system is tested. The customer can concentrate on making sure the application functions as desired. Our well trained software specialists implement the application requirements and provide service for machine and system manufacturing companies throughout the entire product lifespan.

System Design
Our team has extensive experience in designing the systems and software used in manufacturing today. Our engineers and software designers deliver quality solutions by using top-tier manufacturer components. Our team approach and design process ensure a focused and efficient solution.

Engineering Support
Quality not only refers to the product; it also refers to the support provided when implementing a product so that a task can be completed in the most ideal way possible. Questions must be answered quickly, and any unclear situations must be cleared up fast to reach goals and meet deadlines. Our customers can receive technical support for all products via telephone in person, or email . Personal contact allows knowledgeable answers to be given and solutions to be worked out quickly. Skilled and experienced engineers will work on the problem until a solution is found. They work closely with our manufacturer's development and production to continually improve our products based on customer inquiries and to prevent unclear situations in the future.

Complete Integrated System Solutions
We also offer complete integrated system solutions using hydraulic, pneumatic and/or electrical technologies. We can control these technologies and provide a complete control and information system for your application. Whether a simple on-off control for a hydraulic valve, or a complex distributed intelligence system for total machine control, we help your designers engineer task-oriented solutions to challenging projects.

Seminars and training
Skilled employees are the foundation of a company's success. Continued training provides a competitive advantage. Training options can range from introductory product presentations over a lunch to longer multiday off site courses available through our partners. The training courses include customized, compact training solutions ranging from introduction courses to special automation technology courses. Individual problems can be examined in clearly defined groups. Experienced trainers provide theoretical and practical information. Realistic exercises allow automation solutions to be created on modern systems. In addition to the standard program, company-specific trainings are also offered that match the tasks the participants will be carrying out in the future.

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